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Not sure what to do with all of your photos and videos?
Or, just interested in gaining basic video editing skills?
Appreciate a hands-on learning experience where you can ask questions live?

Well, you're in luck! iMovie comes standard on all Macs, so we've designed this course to help you take advantage of the complimentary software iMovie. In this class we’ll focus primarily on the most recent desktop version (10.1.8 compatible with macOS 10.12.2 or later).

In this one day course, Steve Burnich, a professional video editor and producer, will provide you with a series of short to-the-point lessons. He’ll breakdown the entire video editing process in iMovie so you can quickly and easily create your own stunning videos. He'll provide practice media (photos, video, music) ensuring everyone can follow along, building the same practice video for an optimal, hands-on learning experience.

Learn everything from preparation and planning, to importing, editing, and some of the best ways to share your videos privately or publicly.

We'll cover how to add sound effects, music, narration, color enhancements, text, photo animations, and a whole lot more!

By the end of this course you will be an iMovie pro, and will walk away with the knowledge and skill-set to start creating your own professional videos right away.

Curriculum Overview:

  • 6 Hours (Hands-on)
  • Planning your Project and Introduction to iMovie
  • Importing Media
  • Browsing and Rating Media
  • Creating an iMovie Trailer (iMovie Themes)
  • Creating a Movie
  • Editing and Trimming
  • Creating a Photo Montage
  • Adding Audio
  • Transitions, Titles, and Maps
  • Video Overlay Effects
  • Video Enhancement Effects
  • Audio Enhancement Effects
  • Retiming Effects
  • Sharing your Movie

Presented by: Steve Burnich, Burnich Media

Lunch Break (on your own) 12:30-1:30 PM

Cost: $195 - Space is limited to 8 attendees

REGISTER NOW or call 417-883-5665 for more details.

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